Epson Dot matrix Printer LQ-2190 EURO NLSP 240V


  • Printing Method: Impact dot matrix
  • Number of Pins: 24 pins
  • Number of columns: 136 columns
  • Pins: 24 Needles
  • Printing Speed: LQ: 10 cpi: 120 chars/s, 12 cpi: 144 chars/s, HighSpeed-Draft: 10 cpi: 480 chars/s, 12 cpi: 576 chars/s, Draft: 10 cpi: 360 chars/s, 12 cpi: 432 chars/s
  • Carbon Copies: 5 plus one original
  • Printing Resolution: 360 x 180 DPI
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0 Type B, Wired Network (optional), Type B interface, Bidirectional parallel, RS-232 (optional)


Epson Dot matrix Printer LQ-2190 EURO NLSP 240V

When you need to deal with high volume data processing this 24-pin 136 column printer does the job quickly and efficiently.

Fast, reliable and economical, the Epson LQ-2190 is a fast, flexible and reliable printing solution that achieves a perfect balance between large print volumes and first-class quality. Cost effective and dependable, this is ideal for producing invoices, delivery notes, inventory listings and labels.

Fast, reliable printing
Enjoy 24-pin quality up to A3 size and 576 cps

Multi-part flexibility
Print up to 6-part forms (1 original + 5 copies)

Paper handling
Choose from front, top, bottom, rear paper paths

Print Speed Enhancer
For faster printing of bit images under Windows environment

Easy connectivity
Parallel and USB interfaces as standard


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